Elementary/Middle School

Elementary and Middle School Teams
Every class has students at varying academic levels.
Each child matures in his/her own time.
Every student can master concepts.
God created each human with unique weaknesses, strengths, and personalities.
Multiage Teams


Rather than traditional grade levels, Concordia students learn in multi-age teams (15:1 Student:Teacher maximum) to ensure that students develop relationships with peers at their social emotional level, are challenged academically whether they are at, below, or above “grade level” expectations, and build self confidence in a Christ-centered community.

Team Roots – Ages 5-6 – Students at an age of “grounding” themselves socially, academically, and spiritually as they soak up information and experiences.

Team Sprouts – Ages 6-8 – Now that students have been grounded, they can really start to grow and sprout on their own.  Sprouts are visible for others to see, and at this age the academic progress flourishes for others to see. 

Team Hawthorn – Ages 8-10 – Students in Team Hawthorn are growing stronger in many areas of life. The trunk of a hawthorn tree is on the smaller end but its branches and leaves expand outward beyond what may be expected for the trunk to support. Similarly, children at this age are capable of more than what we may expect academically, socially, and spiritually. Our goal is to help this age group become stronger in their self-awareness, confidence, and skills in addition to academic growth.

Team Woodlands and Team Cardinals (7th grade)– Ages 10-13 – As children grow, they begin to recognize not only their personal traits (as a single hawthorn tree) but also the traits of others. Becoming more aware of others and comparing yourself to others you see can be extremely challenging. Growing in Team Woodlands serves as vital time for children to solidify who they are amongst many “individual trees” in the woodlands, build community with others, and experience the benefits of various relationships. Academically, this age group is also able to build better connections between academic content and the world around them. 

What does multiage team look like at Concordia?

  • Students making friends with children the same and different ages as themselves
  • A solid relationship between teachers and students as they get to know each other over the course of more than one year
  • Students working on material that meets their own level of learning (see more in next section)
  • A family
Personalized, Mastery Learning

Concordia elementary and middle school staff members have a shared vision, philosophy, and commitment to personalized, mastery learning.

Personalized Mastery Learning: Personalized learning at Concordia is students owning their mastery of learning objectives by working with teachers to use a variety of resources, assessments, and reflection to continuously strive for growth.

What does this look like at Concordia?


  • Students and teachers working together to set personal academic goals and celebrating when the goal is achieved
  • Small group and/or one to one learning with teachers
  • Students working independently to master skills
  • Teachers working to gather data to always know what a student has achieved and what a student’s next challenge will be
  • Students collaborating on projects using the content they mastered

Our staff is committed to a professional development plan to consistently review and improve our school curriculum, structure, and teaching methods in terms of personalized mastery learning.

Skills for Life — Aware – Relational – Responsible – Self- Regulated

Are you self-aware? How about socially aware of your surroundings? What relational skill could you improve? What responsible or irresponsible choices have you made recently? In what areas are you self-regulated? In what areas are you not?
In combination with Responsive Classroom © practices and our Christian faith, we use the words: aware, relational, responsible, and self-regulated as core skills for students to learn and practice throughout their day inside and outside of school. These skills are just as vital to a child’s development and adulthood as mastering academic concepts.

What does this look like at Concordia?

  • Teachers and students greeting each other every morning sharing information and fun during a morning meeting
  • Students taking short breaks in the classroom when they know they need to regain self-regulation
  • Teachers and students saying phrases like, “Wow, that was really relational when you picked up the pencil for George” or “How self-regulated are you feeling right now?”
  • Students making responsible choices based on their surroundings
  • Service learning projects in the community
Curriculum & Classes

Concordia uses Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Washington State Social Studies Standards to guide each child’s personalized learning experience. Resources we use include Math in Focus Singapore Math, Discovery Education, Daily Five Reading format, IXL, and more. Team Woodlands (ages 10-12) uses the Summit Learning program as another resource for curriculum meeting the standards listed above. 

In addition to the core subjects, students participate in classes taught by specialist teachers:

  • Art – 45 min/week
  • Physical Education – 2 times/week 30-45 min/period
  • Music – 2 times/week 30-45 min/period
  • Bible Study – 4 times/week 30 min/period + Chapel once a week
Summit Learning Platform

Concordia has been accepted into the Summit Learning Platform for our students ages 10 and up (5th-7th grade) and we will begin implementing the program in fall 2019! The program takes personalized learning to a new level with student ownership, real world project based learning, the teaching of habits of success, and holding students accountable to critical thinking and cognitive skills.

Preschool Lake City

 At this time, the Lake City Campus is not opening in Fall 2020, and is reassessing its opening for January 2021.

Our Lake City campus offers three partial day classes for children 2 through 5 years of age. These classes are a great “first school experience” for young children. As with our Wedgwood campus, each class is “play based,” allowing children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity and physical, cognitive and emotional strengths. Our experienced and loving staff cares that each child progresses in their fine and large motor development as well as social, emotional, and age appropriate academic skills. The program includes walking fieldtrips to the library, fire department and nearby playgrounds for the 3-5 year old students.

The preschool is located at Lamb of God Lutheran Church at 12509 27th Ave NE.

2-Year Old Class– Wednesdays, 9-11:30 am – Our 2-Year old class offers an opportunity for the young children to learn social skills and play with other kids their age. This class offers the same opportunities as an older preschool environment would: craft projects, circle time as well as gross motor play.

Students must be 2 by August 31 of the upcoming school year. Potty trained is not required.

3-4 Year Old Class– Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-11:30 or 9-1 pm

Recommended that students are 3 by August 31 of the upcoming school year.

4-5 Year Old Class– Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 9-11:30 or 9-1 pm 

Recommended that students are 4 by August 31 of the upcoming school year.

For more information or to set up a tour at our Lake City Campus, please book a tour or contact the Lake City Preschool Director, Julie Seidel at 206-362-8143 or 

Preschool Wedgwood

Concordia’s Wedgwood Preschool program has been a vibrant and integral part of the Northeast Seattle area for many years. We offer fully licensed programs for children ages 3 through 5 years. We offer half or full day classes in addition to many levels of care, depending on the needs of your family. With our dedicated, experienced and nurturing staff, we are blessed to serve many families.

Our beautiful, large classrooms are filled with natural light and we offer a play based relational curriculum that is geared for the individual child’s development and learning style. Enrichment classes include a weekly music class for all ages, and chapel services for preschool and elementary/middle school students. Our 5’s program also has Physical Education classes each week. We also enjoy a dedicated recess time for large motor activity in our 1/2 acre outside playground area and on rainy or cold days we have access to our full-sized gymnasium.

Our Wedgwood campus also offers state-licensed summer programs mid-June through August, with weekly enrollment. Concordia students and children from the community are invited to join us.

True to our Mission Statement, we are Christ-centered, and all of the teachers model their Christian faith in the classroom each day. We welcome you to come and visit our wonderful school!

For more information or to tour, please book a tour or contact the Wedgwood Campus Preschool Director, Pam Curry at or 206-525-0871.

“Giraffe” class This “fives” program is a great option for students who will turn five by December of the school year. The curriculum is geared for 5 year old students with summer birthdays who may benefit from an extra “bonus” year of preschool as well as older 4 ½ year old preschool students who are ready for a more academic learning environment. We use portions of kindergarten language arts and math curriculum, and students participate in weekly school enrichment classes: PE, Drama and Music. While the academics are more rigorous than our typical preschool class, the learning environment is play based and dynamic, with free choice play center time, and creative art projects. Enrollment choices include half day and full day, either 4 days (Monday through Thursday) or 5 days per week.

“Bumblebee” class This program is offered for students who turn four by August 31 of the current school year. The class uses “Zoophonics” phonetic curriculum and each student meets in a small group with the teacher every week for focused learning. This includes pre-reading skills, letter and number recognition and current events in our Scholastic “Let’s Find Out” lessons. The classrooms are set up with rotating play center materials, offering children the opportunity to develop new competencies and learn self-advocacy skills. Enrollment offers both half day and full day options, from 3-5 days per week.

“Teddy Bear” class This program is perfect for our youngest preschool children, students who are age three by August 31 of the current school year. This class is focused on helping students learn the social, emotional, and independence skills needed to be great students, along with early academics in a warm and loving environment. The early academics include colors, shapes, ABCs, and the “Zoophonics” early phonics program. Enrollment offers both half day and full day options, from 2-5 days per week.

Before/After School Programs

Concordia offers a fun, safe, affordable place for elementary kids to play and learn before and after school. Before-school care opens at 7 am. Students are dismissed to their classrooms at 8:15 to transition to their school day. Our after-school care remains open until 6 pm. Students receive a snack right after school and then have the opportunity to play outside or in the gym as well as some quieter activities during that time.

Our extended care teacher, Nate Hartman, is a Concordia alumni who coaches basketball here as well and is studying to be a teacher. His energy, heart for the kids and love of fun keeps the kids begging to stay at school past 3:30 pm.

Our extended care (or wrap-around) program is very flexible and affordable ($4.85/morning, $13.15/afternoon). Students can be signed up for every day, once a month, or just on the days you need it. For more information, please call the school office at 206-525-7407, email or stop in and talk with our Administrative Assistant, Jordan Field.

Summer Camp

Concordia Lutheran School’s summer camp offers families a wonderful opportunity for children to learn, grow, and have fun in a positive, safe environment. Summer camp is available for children ages 4 through 5th grade. We have one program for children ages 4 and 5 and a separate program for those who have completed Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Both of these camps offer:

  • Interesting and fun weekly themes
  • Experienced and caring teachers with a low student/teacher ratio
  • State-licensed care for Preschool camp
  • Weekly field trips (on campus for preschool, off campus for elementary) and daily special activities (bike day, walk to park day, etc.)
  • Care available between 7 am and 6 pm (10 hour maximum; half day available for preschool ages)

Enrollment will begin in February. Watch for enrollment form in early-mid February.

Please feel free to contact our Summer Camp Directors with any questions.
Preschool Camps: Pam Curry or 206-525-0871
Elementary Camps: Katie Kohring or 206-525-7407

Facilities Rental

Concordia facilities, especially our wonderful gymnasium, are used for a wide variety of events. If you are interested in using our facilities, please contact our administrative assistant, Jordan( or call at 206-525-7407.

Christine Malone

Christine Malone


BA in Elementary Education with minors in Science Education and Missions, Concordia University Wisconsin, 2007

MS in Educational Administration, Concordia University Wisconsin, 2013

Christy began being principal at Concordia Lutheran School in the summer of 2017. Previously, she taught at Unity Christian Lutheran Elementary School in East St. Louis, IL, Amazing Grace Christian School in Renton, WA, and right here at Concordia Lutheran School Seattle. Being able to watch teachers, staff, and students succeed with the gifts God has given them while working alongside them to help them achieve even more success is one of the greatest joys of her position. It is an honor to serve our Concordia family at large! She lives in Lake City with her husband, Brad, and two growing daughters, Esther (born 2015) and Iris (born 2017). They enjoy spending time with each other cooking, playing, hiking, and traveling.

Pam Curry

Pam Curry

Wedgwood Campus Concordia Preschool Director and Teacher

Pam joined the Concordia Wedgwood staff in August 2010 as Preschool Director and preschool teacher of the Giraffe 5’s class. Prior to working at the Wedgwood Campus, she directed the Lake City Preschool Campus for 13 years. Pam held management positions in the computer industry and paramedical field prior to her years serving in preschool.

Pam’s love of children and passion for ministry lead her to a position in a preschool setting. She has an Associate degree in Child Development and has taken a multitude of professional development classes over the years. Pam has a long history with Concordia, as both her sons attended here preschool through 8th grade. She believes Concordia played a pivotal role in the preparation for their future academically, socially and spiritually.

Pam and her husband enjoy family life and feel very blessed with the vocations God has given them. She enjoys gardening, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Julie Seidel

Julie Seidel

Lake City Preschool Director, 2’s Teacher and 3 /4 ‘s Teacher

Graduate of University of Washington

Julie has been with the Lake City Preschool since her oldest daughter (now in college!) participated in the 2’s class. She assisted in the classroom for a few years, before becoming director in 2009. She has 19 years experience at Lake City and has 10 years+ as Preschool Director. Both of her children attended preschool at Lake City, and both of them are midway through their college careers. As the teacher of both the 2’s class and the 3/4’s class, Julie loves watching children grow during their preschool years, and works hard to build a loving connection with each and every child.

Julie enjoys spending time with her husband and their two daughters. They also love spending time together with their two new goats! Her favorite vacation spot is Disneyland.

Katie Kohring

Katie Kohring

Team Hawthorn Teacher

BA in Elementary Education with a minor in Professional Church Work, Concordia University Portland, 2015

Katie started working as an elementary teacher at Concordia in 2015 but has been part of the Concordia family for much longer. She attended Concordia as a student from Kindergarten to 8th grade and worked with both preschool and elementary age kids at the summer camp program while in high school and college. One thing Katie loves about teaching (especially with smaller class sizes) is forming a positive and caring relationship with each individual student so that they feel safe and are eager to challenge themselves and take risks in their learning! Her goal is that each child knows of God's unending love for them, and with that knowledge, are confident in themselves and their unique abilities.

Emilie Pelayo

Emilie Pelayo

Team RootsTeacher

BA in Elementary Education, Concordia University Texas

The 2018-2019 academic year was Emilie's first year at Concordia Lutheran School. She previously taught at Christ Lutheran School in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is a blessing to be a part of such a loving, caring, and Christ-centered school community. Emilie loves watching my students explore and learn about new topics. Her favorite thing about being a teacher is getting to learn, grow, and laugh alongside my students.

Emilie and her husband, Ivan, moved here in August 2018. They have both fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest and with Concordia Lutheran School. They love riding their bikes, hiking, cooking, exploring new places, and eating delicious food.

Kristin Lee

Kristin Lee

Team Woodlands/Cardinals Teacher

BS in Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics, Concordia University Nebraska, 2005
MS in Literacy Education, Concordia University Nebraska, 2010

Kristin joined Concordia Lutheran School in August 2018. Prior to that, she taught at Zion Lutheran School, Brighton, CO for 13 years where she taught in grades 1-5. Kristin found the upper elementary ages bring her the most joy as she gets to watch the students grow and question the world around them. They are beginning to explore, find themselves, and find who God created them to be. Kristin loves being a part of their adventure.

Kristin is so thankful God brought her to this school of amazing staff, parents, and students! Kristin lives north of Seattle with her old puppy and enjoys running and biking around the area.

Elizabeth Schaff

Elizabeth Schaff

Music & Art Teacher, Chapel Coordinator

BA in Elementary Education with Music emphasis, Concordia University Chicago, 2014

Elizabeth has been the music and art teacher for both Preschool and Elementary at Concordia Seattle since 2018. Before that, she was a classroom teacher at Amazing Grace Christian School in Renton, WA and a classroom teacher here at Concordia as well. She is currently taking classes at North Seattle College with the goal of getting my Associates Degree in Fine Arts. Elizabeth loves being able to teach a wide age range of students here at Concordia, incorporating lots of movement, listening skills, and composition in Music as well as celebration of progress and intention in Art!

Outside of the classroom, Elizabeth likes going to parks, being outside, reading, traveling, and rock climbing.

Lynn Hoseit

Lynn Hoseit

Teddy Bear Teacher

Mrs. Lynnie loves working at Concordia! She has been teaching in the Early Education field for the last 30 years. Lynn feels blessed to be teaching in an amazing school that loves God and that has a nurturing, loving environment. She enjoys guiding the children to embrace learning and experience new challenges.

Lynn and her husband and have two adult children and one granddaughter. When she's not at work, Lynn spends her time gardening and enjoying her Labrador named Gracie.

Ginny Cook

Ginny Cook

Bumblebee Teacher

Ginny feels blessed to have been working in early childhood education for 26 years and with the Concordia Preschools for the past 20 years. She joined the Lake City team in 1999 and in 2006 transitioned to the Wedgwood team. Ginny earned her CDA in Early Childhood Education in 1998 and continues to take classes to grow and learn of new, fun ways to teach our young ones.

Ginny has been married to her husband, Bob for 40 years. They have three grown children- Jason, Keith and Eric; one granddaughter and two more grandchildren on the way!

Ginny's youngest son, Eric graduated from Concordia. His years at Concordia provided him with a good education, nurtured his love for Christ and helped develop wonderful moral values and lifelong friendships. (Ask her how two of his friends joined him in bonding their friendships and their love for Concordia!)

Ginny's philosophy on teaching children is - Treat them with respect, teach them how to succeed, give them strategies to deal with challenges, and help them develop social skills and a sense of community.

Some of her favorite things are sharing her love for the Lord, backyard barbeques with family and friends, motor home trips with her husband, their fur babies, and teaching!


Amy Fleischer

Amy Fleischer

Bumblebee Teacher

A.A. in Early Childhood Education, Mount Saint Joseph University Ohio

The 2019-2020 academic year was Amy's first year at Concordia and she loves it! She has been in the teaching field for 20 years; mostly with ages 2-5, but also has some experience with school age children. Amy spent four years teaching to children of missionaries overseas; the first two years were spent teaching 2nd grade and her last two years she worked with 6th graders.

Amy grew up in Westport, Connecticut, but has lived in the Seattle area since 1992, currently residing in Lynnwood with her dog, Pepper. She loves the beach, traveling, writing poetry and lyrics to songs, hiking, and taking pictures of nature.

Sonya Marquez Strachan

Sonya Marquez Strachan

Lake City Pre-K Teacher

Graduate of University of Washington

I have been a part of the Lake City Preschool since 2005 when my older son attended the 2’s class. I began as an assistant in the 2’s class, then the 3 / 4’s class and worked for many years as an assistant in the Pre-K class. The 2018-2019 school year was my 10th year teaching the Pre-K class. I enjoy teaching the children and watching them grow as they become more confident throughout the year. As a Pre-K teacher, I do my best to go above and beyond to make sure I send the children onto kindergarten with the necessary skills for them to succeed. Both my boys attended the preschool at Lake City.

I enjoy spending time with my family which includes my husband and two sons. Our favorite things to do include exploring the hidden treasures in the city and going for bike rides around our neighborhood.

Kendrick Holley

Kendrick Holley

Athletic Director/ P.E. Teacher

BA in Physical Education with a minor in Recreational Sports and Development, 2007

Kendrick is a former college athlete who played for Northwest University in Kirkland. During his tenure there, he helped his basketball team make a run at the Final Four for NAIA College Athletics. After receiving his degree, Kendrick had the opportunity to be an assistant coach for the women’s basketball program at Northwest University for four years while he began teaching at Concordia Lutheran School as a Physical Education teacher. Kendrick has worked with children of all ages. Having taught at different levels, he relates to children very well and understands that every child is unique in his or her own way.

As well as teaching P.E. to the kids, Kendrick is the Athletic Director for the school. He oversees all the athletics at the school with scheduling games, practices, transportation, etc. Kendrick takes great pride in representing the school in a positive manner at all times. Concordia Lutheran School is a place for your child to grow as an individual and be loved and respected by others.

Wedgwood Campus

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(206) 525-7407

Lake City Campus

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