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Re-introducing Concordia Middle School Age Classes

Starting in Fall 2019, Concordia will re-introduce a program for middle school aged students.

Learn more about Concordia’s innovative and supportive learning community, rich history and inspiring graduates.

Our Middle School Team Group Vision
The World is Our Classroom Philosophy
Middle School Team Program 2019-20  & Long Term Plan
The Concordia Classroom
Leadership & Learning Beyond Concordia

Concordia Seattle’s middle school team cultivates individualized learning with student ownership, using the greater Seattle area as a learning platform.

Concordia’s philosophy integrates specialists, field trips, and current topics where experts collaborate with teachers and students.  For example, book authors work with students to publish a writing piece, scientists video conference about their research on atoms and molecules, or student conduct interviews and podcasts with candidates to explore the electoral process.

Imagine a classroom of students ages 11-12 years old (6th grade) with one teacher acting as a learning coach.  Students setting goals of what reading, writing, math, science, and social studies concepts they will master in a given amount of time with the teacher keeping them accountable and working with them to master the skills.

Middle School Long Term Plan.  In 2020-21, classroom age range expands to 11-13 year olds with 10-15 students in the team. For 2021-22 and beyond, classroom of 10-25 students ages 11-14 old, 1-2 teachers acting as a learning coaches.

Class Size. Concordia classes are multiage with a maximum of 15 students with one teacher or 25 with more than one teacher, typical class size is 12:1.

Individualized Student Mastery. Teachers use MAP and regular assessment procedures to receive data about individual student understanding to assist students in setting goals that will challenge them.

Music PE, & Spanish. Concordia students have Physical Education, Music, and Spanish during the school day. Music and Physical Education classes are twice a week. Spanish is taught in a language immersion style twice a week. Physical Education is taught by a specialist teacher and is twice a week for an hour.

Athletics. Students compete in the Christian Schools Association in all three sport seasons. Autumn-Coed Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, or Cross Country; Winter- Coed Basketball; Spring – Track and Field.

Tournaments & Festivals. Concordia is connected to local and regional schools and college system with week long trips, tournaments and festivals. Middle school students travel to Washington DC in their 8th grade year.

LEST. Concordia Middle School also competes against middle school students in the Lutheran Elementary (K8) School Tournament (LEST) in Portland, OR annually. LEST includes sports but also includes art, dance, music, spelling, a knowledge bowl, and more.

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