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Our accredited elementary program strives to instill confidence, community, and academic mastery in each student within a Christ centered environment.

Confidence – Each student is unique with strengths and weaknesses.  Our caring teachers take the time to encourage each student, build a growth mindset, and provide them with opportunities to succeed at their level.  With the use of Responsive Classroom students also grow in social and emotional skills throughout the day. A child confident in who they are can tackle challenges both academically and relationally with friends and family.

Community – Each student is an individual yet also living in a community of a classroom, a family, and neighborhood.  Christ teaches us to “love our neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22). As a school, we work together to build community among classmates, teachers, parents, church members, and our neighborhood through service learning projects including an annual mural painting in Lake City.

Academic Mastery – Each student has the capability to master academic skills. Our multiage “team” setting with a small class size 15:1 student teacher ratio allows teachers to assist students in mastering math, reading, writing, science, and social studies concepts through competency based and project based learning. Whether your child is “behind,” “on track,” or “advanced” our certified teachers are committed to them progressing at their pace.

In addition to core subject areas, each team also develops skills and knowledge about the Bible and Lutheran teachings, music, physical education, Spanish, character, technology, and art.

Upon admission to Concordia, a student’s academic progress is evaluated along with age consideration and the student is placed on a “team.”

Team 1: Ages 5-­7

Team 2: Ages 7-9

Team 3: Ages 9-11

Middle School Team: Beginning 2019!

All full-­time teachers are certificated elementary and middle school educators. A host of volunteers complements the staff in technology, library times, and special activities.

If you would like more information or to schedule a personal tour, please contact our school office at 206-­525-­7407 or admin@concordiaseattle.com.


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