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Meyer’s Minutes March 16th Jesusisnowhere


Jesusisnowhere:  Do you see this statement as Jesus is NO where? OR Jesus is NOW here? When I read this statement it screams FAITH to me. Faith is what we depend on daily in knowing that Jesus is NOW here! ​

In Matthew 16:21-28, Jesus predicts His suffering and death, explaining to His disciples that “He must be killed and on the third day, to be raised to life.” While Peter claims that “this will never happen.” Jesus assures them of the faithfulness of God and the glory that will be rewarded to each and every person because of what is to be done.

Easter is a time of faithfulness, a time to stop and remember what Jesus has done for us, a time to mourn and celebrate!

As we come into Holy Week, be reminded of God’s everlasting Faithfulness and promises to His people-you and me!

Happy Easter!

Mrs. Meyer

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