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Meyer’s Minutes March 9th on Faithfulness

This month’s fruit of the spirit theme is FAITHFULNESS.

Faithfulness is defined as “loyalty, courage, utterly reliable, true to one’s word”
In chapel last week I told the students that this reminds me of my dog Kona. He is forever faithful to me. Kona shows unconditional love and loyalty when it comes to being happy to see me and be with me every day. It is true what they say, I can be gone all day or just have stepped outside to get the mail. It doesn’t matter how long I’m gone in the way he greets me when I get back— it is complete faithfulness.
This makes me think about how I treat others- am I loyal to friendships? Do I unconditionally love? Am I true to my word?
This month we have an opportunity to learn more about faithfulness and not only the faithfulness that we show toward others, but the faithfulness that God shows to us.
Just think of what it would be like if we all welcomed each other with the faithfulness of Kona- wouldn’t it make for a great day, every day!!!

Mrs. Meyer

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