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Meyer’s Minutes February 17th LEST

One of the many things that I love about going to LEST is the friendship that is seen among the students and families who attend this amazing event.

This year proved to be no different. This is a packed 3 days and the support that is shown throughout the ups and downs as our students participate makes me so proud to be part of Concordia’s extended family. Some of the ups and downs from the weekend were:
• Up: a 3 pointer to end the first half in a basketball game, Down: losing that basketball game
• Up: Spelling words correctly the first 5 rounds, Down: missing the 6th round word
• Up: Playing a piano piece, Down: being so nervous that mistakes were made
• Up: The support from our students and families, Down: Not being able to be at everything.

Through all these ups and downs we all had several proud moments and achievements. We had 5 alumni (including our own Ms. Kohring) come back to support our students at LEST. Our students did their best and even if an award wasn’t given, we are all so proud of each and every one of you!

The following awards were given:
Blue Ribbon First Place Award – Black Team Chimes
Blue Ribbon Award performance – Cardinal Team Percussion
Blue Ribbon Award for piano performances – Marie Jerome and Emma Giacometti
Blue Ribbon Award for cello performance – Aleksia Wilson
First place 5th grade math – Evan Laing
Second place in 6th grade spelling – Emma Gonzalez
First Place 8th grade chess – Matt Melillo
Second Place 7th grade chess – Ike Trichler
Third Place award – Cardinal Basketball Team
First Place award in Art – Emma Gonzalez
Second Place award in Art – Olin Peterson, Marie Jerome, Cameron Miller, Gideon Seyoum, and Andrew Hallstrand.
Third Place award in Art – Olivia Carbone, Emma Giacometti, and Ruth Tewodros

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