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Meyer’s Minutes – April 27

It is tradition here at Concordia to hear from the graduates about the lessons and experiences that they will take with them as they get ready to graduate from CLS.  In the next 6 weeks “Meyer Minutes” will be written by our 2016 graduates.

This year we have 6 graduates who will go on to 6 different high schools – Roosevelt, Nathan Hale, Kings, Seattle Lutheran, Lynnwood and Nova.  Concordia will be well represented in these High Schools, these are great kids who are ready to “fly.” I look forward to hearing what they have to share and the wisdom we can all learn from these wise students.

High School is just a short four year stay, one that gives them several opportunities to grow.  It is an exciting time, yet a bit scary too – as a parent of one of these graduates, it is a bit emotional to be at this next stage.  Let’s now take time as a community to celebrate and pray for these teenagers and all their accomplishments, goals and future.

In Him,

Mrs. Meyer

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