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Meyer’s Minutes – April 20

As a parent, I am often trying to encourage my own children to volunteer and give back.  Whether this means serving at our church or in their schools or even at home, it is a family value as it teaches kids that they have a lot to give and that by helping others it brings value and happiness.

At Concordia we have two Cardinal students, Ike Trichler and Matt Melillo volunteering to teach and play the game of chess to our younger students.

They are willing to give up a lunch and recess once a week in order to make others happy. I overheard a Red Team student talking to a classmate the other day, he said, “you should be part of the chess club, it is so fun and Matt is really good.”
The value that Matt and Ike are gaining and feeling will go a long way as they are giving back to their school.

Encourage your children to give back, volunteer and serve, they will be more blessed than the ones that they are serving.

Have a great week

Mrs. Meyer

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