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What are the school’s office hours?
Office hours from August 1st through the end of the school year are from 8 AM to 4 PM. During the Summer months, when school is not in session, office hours are 9 AM to 2 PM.

What time does school start and end?
The school day starts at 8:30 AM, but you can drop your children off as early as 8:15 AM.

How do I find out about school closures?
All families will receive a text message and email in the morning in case of school closure or late start.

We also call the King5 and report any school closures due to adverse weather by 6 AM.

Are there any student fees?
Yes, we have a one time, non­refundable registration fee of $150 for preschoolers and $125 for K­8 students if registered and paid by March 15th, and $150 if paid after March 15th. We also have a one time $250 building fee.

Who do I need to call if my child is absent?
You would need to call the front office, our number is (206) 525-­7407. You can also send an email to

Does your school offer lunches?
Yes, we offer pizza lunch on Thursdays. To order, talk to the front office.

What are PIP hours, and why are they required?
PIP (Parents In Participation) program runs from July 1st through June 30th and per your financial agreement, each family is required to volunteer 30 hours per year in school activities, or pay a fee of $20.00 for each hour not worked. Just about everything you volunteer for is PIP hour worthy. Please ask if you are not sure.

What after school extracurricular activities are offered?
We have many extracurricular activities throughout the year, from Chess Wizards to sports. Our after school sports program has three seasons, with one sport each season which are open to our 10 to 14 year olds. In the fall we offer flag football, winter is basketball season, and in the spring, track and field is available.

My child has medication/allergy needs during the day, what do I need to do?
We need a care plan from your family doctor explaining the condition, any medications or needs the child has throughout the day, and emergency contact information and procedures in the case there is an emergency. We also will need a medication form explaining the dosage, time and who is allowed permission to administer the medication.

Does Concordia offer a before and after school program?
Yes, we have both before and after school care. Concordia offers a fun, safe, state licensed place for kids to play and learn before and after school. Before school care opens at 7am. Students are walked up to their classroom at 8:15 to help them transition to their school day. Our after school care remains open until 6pm. Students receive a snack right after school and then have the opportunity to play outside or in the gym as well as some quieter activities during that time.

Our extended care teacher, Nate Hartman, is a Concordia graduate who coaches basketball here as well and is studying to be a teacher. His energy and heart for the kids and love of fun keeps the kids begging to stay at school past 3pm.

Our extended care (or wrap­around) program is very flexible. Students can be signed up for everyday or once a month. For more information, please call the school office at (206) 525-­7407 or stop in to the front office and talk with our Administrative Assistant.

Do my kids have to be Lutheran to attend?
No, we believe it is our mission to share Jesus with everyone, so all are welcomed at Concordia.

What should we expect at Concordia?
Parents and children will find we approach all academic subjects and life values with a Christian perspective. we provide character education for all ages. With our multi age classrooms we have small group and even individual instruction. All children are provided opportunities to mature in responsibility, self­esteem, and self-confidence. Teachers address individual students needs and provide a caring, supportive and encouraging environment. Lastly, that we have a strong partnership with the home and family.

What if I have a question that you haven’t listed here?
Not a problem, if you have questions regarding preschool you can call either the preschool director, Pam Curry, at (206) 525-­0871 or the school’s administrative assistant at (206) 525-­7407. You can also reach us by email at