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We invite you to learn more about Concordia!

You have many decisions to make as a parent.  One of the most difficult is where to send your child to school.  We are happy to work with you in deciding if Concordia is a “right fit” school for your child(ren).

Current Openings:

  • Lake City Preschool  – Ages 2-5
  • Wedgwood Preschool – Full Day 3 year old, Full & Half Day 4 year old, Full & Half Day 5 year old
  • Elementary School – We currently have openings for students ages 5-11. We are a school of multiage teams rather than grade level classes. These ages would be equivalent to kindergarten-5th grade is a traditional school setting.
  • Middle School Age – We have opening for students ages 11-12 (equivalent to 6th grade) for the 2019-2020 school year.

The first step in our admissions process for all our programs is to schedule a tour.

  • Lake City Preschool – Contact Julie Seidel, Preschool Director, at or 206-­362-­8143
  • Wedgwood Preschool – Schedule a tour with Pam Curry, Preschool Director  206-525-0871
  • Elementary and Middle School Ages – Schedule a tour with Christy Malone, Administrator & Principal 206-525-7407

For more information on the enrollment process for Wedgwood Preschool and Elementary and Middle School follow links accordingly.